Al Brown – Multimedia Artist

Al Brown is a Multimedia Artist based in Pilton, North Devon. Gaining inspiration from local beaches, coastline & Exmoor National Park.

Al Brown

I Originally studied graphics and art in the 70s at North Devon College, and then Cornwall College of Art.  I then worked as illustrator and draughtsman in many varied jobs ever since.  Recently, due to moving to a larger home and having space I’ve been able to return more seriously to my love of painting.  I use many media including, acrylics, oils, watercolour, crayons and pastels.
In my work I hope to pass on inspiration from the wonderful North Devon coastline, beaches and Exmoor National Park.  I take particular attention to wind swept trees, reflective wet sands and storm laden skies.
I try to emphasise the contrasts between light and dark in my landscape work to enhance their dramatic impact, I use my own prepared Bideford Black pigment to this end.   Due to my developing style the media I choose often becomes mixed as I constantly correct and refine the overall image.  I aspire to effortless and confident brushwork but am often hampered by my ingrained illustrative techniques.  This for me is a constant trial by ordeal as each of my compositions develop.  As I paint often emotional highs become lows as my paintings unfold.  Usually there comes a time when happy mistakes occur, confidence grows and the work becomes painfully finalised.  I hope you enjoy my journey so far.  Al

Commerce House, Market Street Thursday-Sunday