Mariners Away

The ‘Mariners away’ home ‘port’ is the Kings Arms in the village of South Zeal, Dartmoor, and have been singing and entertaining for fun for some 10 years. We sing a variety of sea shanties, some very well known, and sing all over the country at events and festivals. We are one of the original sea shanty groups, who gave inspiration to one better known group, the ‘Fisherman’s friends’ of Port Isaac (though they may not see it quite the same way). It has been known that as the beer flows and the night wears on, our repertoire occasionally can get a little bawdy and non-PC, so we apologise in advance should that rarity happen, and anyone’s sensibilities get bruised. We encourage people to join in and have some fun with us, and are currently actively recruiting groupies. The Mariners are thrilled to have been invited to the Hatherleigh festival 2017, and wish the festival a huge success!

The George Hotel – Thursday from 9pm

A change from the original programmed event!