Tai Chi

Tai Chi is suitable for adults of all ages and fitness levels so why not try our Festival Taster Session at the Community Centre…all you need are loose clothing and runners and your sense of fun and discovery.

Tai ChiTai Chi is a martial art seeking to use internal energy Qi (‘Chi’) for good health, self-development and self-defence. The initial training concentrates on slow, relaxed, flowing movement. This makes it adaptable to many levels of health and fitness. Through this inclusive approach, Tai Chi has become regarded the world over as a fun and effective way to strengthen mind, body and spirit for young and old alike. Those busy with the daily pressures of work and home find that regular practice creates the balance, strength and robustness to enjoy the moment and relax within what seems to be an ever-more complex and demanding life.

£2 (Booking Essential)
For Adults

Saturday 12pm Community Centre