2011 Festival Exhibitions


Art Exhibition 2011

Commerce House –  House of Glass

Amy McCarthy and Siddy Langley

Showcasing the decorative stained glass of Amy McCarthy and Siddy Langley


Tea Rooms  –  Cafe Characters

Ann Giles and Sam Sterret

Animal and wildlife portraits in pen and ink, to enthral and amuse

 Old Schools 

A Celebration of Devon’s Wildlife Countryside

Georgina Crawford,  Denise Finney, Ceila Olsson

  Celia Olsson

The Pottery –  Ceramic and Stone

Imogen Hallam

Vine Church – Festival Print Shop 

Tim Salter, Joanna Radford, Diane Bailey


 Community Centre Foyer – Hatherleigh Art Group

Latest works from members of Hatherleigh Art Group

Crafty Angels  – Knit and Natter

A display of knitted and crocheted doorstops made by the Ladies of Hatherleigh’s ‘Knit and Natter’ group

  Salar Gallery –  Foot and Mouth 10 year on – Chris Chapman

F & M + 10

Farming here as it was before and during the Foot and Mouth outbreak and as it is now portrayed in a collection of paintings, photographs and writings.

Details :-  It is ten years since F & M. There will be photos by Chris Chapman and a print to launch called “Market Day” to raise funds for the Farm Crisis Network (It was part of Sian Miller’s exhibition “Out of the Farm Yard”.)

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